120/01/2022Transfer and posting in Nursing cadreSelect
220/01/2022Selection of Registrars in various departments order No.21 RA of 2022 dated 20.1.2022Select
320/01/2022Addendum to this office order No.922 AH of 2022 dated 19.01.2022Select
419/01/2022Cancellation of leaves amid upsurge of the covid-19 pandemicSelect
519/01/2022Stop Gap arrangement in ministerial catagorySelect
618/01/2022Transfer of staff due to upsurge in COVID 19 casesSelect
718/01/2022Stop gap arrangement in Stenographer categorySelect
818/01/2022Medical undergraduates for COVID 19 mitigationSelect
918/01/2022Order no 914 regarding transfer of staffSelect
1013/01/2022Assessment of Income tax for financial year 2021-22Select
1111/01/2022Suspension of theory classes of MBBS and BSc Paramedical coursesSelect
1210/01/2022Termination of services of Dr. Omar Kirmani , Associate Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging., GMC, SrinagarSelect
1310/01/2022Order 337 of 2022 dated 3/1/2022 regarding engagement of staff nurses on contract basisSelect
1410/01/2022Cancellation of winter vacations in Govt. Medical college and its associated hospitalsSelect
1506/01/2022Selection of Registrars/Demonstrators in various disciplines of GMC Srinagar order no. 09-RA of 2022Select
1606/01/2022LPA 358/2006-titled as Showkat Ahmad Bhat V/s state of Jammu and Kashmir and others and release of grade of Rs 6500-10500 from the date of its retrospective effectSelect
1705/01/2022Filling of Annual Property returns by al the J&K Govt. Employeess through online property return system(PRS Portal)Select
1805/01/2022Furnishing of APR'sSelect
1904/01/2022Circular regarding study leave of employees in interest of patient careSelect
2003/01/2022Circular regarding Third party verification of IT related items procured for GMC and associated Hospitals, SrinagarSelect
2131/12/2021Cancellation of relieving order in favour of MD/MS candidated Batch 2018/19Select
2224/12/2021Termination of services of Mrs. Shazia Manzoor W/o Muzaffar Ahmad Kasab R/o Nowgan Shangas Anantnag ,ANM, GMC SGR.(GB panth Hospital)Select
2324/12/2021Constitution of Scientific Research Committee of GMC, SgrSelect
2424/12/2021Transfer/posting of Driver staffSelect
2523/12/2021Tentative seniority list of Library CadreSelect
2622/12/2021Order 327 of 2021 dated 22-12-2021 regarding engagement of Asima Qadir as Staff NurseSelect
2722/12/2021Final Notice to Miss Humaira Majeed before termination of servicesSelect
2822/12/2021Promotion of prefinal MBBS students Batch 2017 to the 8th 9th semester (Final MBBS)Select
2921/12/2021Relieving Order of Mr. Tariq Umar Handoo, Incharge Administrative OfficerSelect
3021/12/2021Transfer or posting of Medical OfficersSelect
3121/12/2021Transfer or posting of Paramedical StaffSelect
3220/12/2021Promotion /confirmation of Mr. Javid Ahmad Khan in Theatre CadreSelect
3320/12/2021Promotion / Confirmation of Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Rather as Senior PharmacistSelect
3420/12/2021Transfers/ Postings of stenographer Ministerial staff.Select
3520/12/2021Transfer and posting in Transport cadre(cleaner category)Select
3616/12/2021Frequent unauthorised absence from legitimate duties by Ms Bisma Shafi (Jr Grade Nurse-AAB)and Mrs Dilshada(ANM -on consolidated pay)and disengagement of services thereofSelect
3715/12/2021Confirmation of Mr. Edi abbas as Lab TechnicianSelect
3814/12/2021Selection list of Registrars in various departments of GMC, SrinagarSelect
3913/12/2021Deputation of senior assistants for undergoing the JK Secretariat Assistants training course at J &K IMPARDSelect
4010/12/2021Time barred claim for grant of retrospective In -situ promotion in favour of Mrs Parveena Bano and rejection thereofSelect
4109/12/2021Final Seniority list of Tutors/Clinical Instructors of GNC ,GMC ,SgrSelect
4208/12/2021Order 309 of 2021 dated 8-12-2021 for engagement of Staff NursesSelect
4308/12/2021Promotion or confirmation of Shahzada Akhter as Nursing SupervisorSelect
4408/12/2021Promotion of Neelofer as Assistant Store KeeperSelect
4506/12/2021Submission of Photocopy of monthly pay bills for the month of Oct 2021Select
4604/12/2021Engagement of House officers in various departments of GMC, SrinagarSelect
4704/12/2021Transfers and postings of Ministerial and Paramedical StaffSelect
4803/12/2021Engagement of sister tutor level 6 on AABSelect
4903/12/2021Settlement of unauthorized absence period of Mrs Nigeena Akhter , Sr. Grade NurseSelect
5003/12/2021Final Seniority List of store CadreSelect
5130/11/2021Cancellation of experience certificate of Dr. Saima RashidSelect
5226/11/2021Engagement of House officers /House in various department of GMC and SSH,srinagarSelect
5325/11/2021Transfer/Posting of Ministerial StaffSelect
5425/11/2021Order regarding engagement of Mr . Peerzada IrfanSelect
5525/11/2021Detachment and repatriation of Nursing OrderliesSelect
5622/11/2021Duty Roster of staff of Neuro _Pysiology LabsSelect
5720/11/2021Tentative Seniority List of cooks of GMC, SrinagarSelect
5817/11/2021Transfer and posting of Nursing staff Mrs Mehmooda AktherSelect
5917/11/2021Selection list of Registrars/Demonstrators in various departments of GMC, SrinagarSelect
6013/11/2021Final Seniority List of Sr. sister Tutor(s) and sister Tutor(s) of Govt . AMT school (GMC, Srinagar).Select
6111/11/2021Promotion/Confirmation of Amina Aziz as Assistant MatronSelect
6210/11/2021Confirmation of Probation of Mr. Maqsood AliSelect
6310/11/2021Detachment and repatriation of Paramedical StaffSelect
6410/11/2021Utilization of services of manpower hired under ECRP-I by further period of three 3 monthsSelect
6508/11/2021Promotion Orders of various cadresSelect
6608/11/2021Tentative seniority list of store cadreSelect
6706/11/2021Posting of class iv appointee(s)Select
6806/11/2021Selection list of Registrars in various departments of GMC, SrinagarSelect
6925/10/2021Webinar on Breast Cancer Awareness organized by Department of Community Medicine in collaboration with Departments of Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology & Psychiatry, GMC SrinagarSelect
7025/10/2021Circular regarding Time bound promotion casesSelect
7123/10/2021Selection of Registrar's in various departments of GMC, SrinagarSelect
7221/10/2021Tentative Seniority list of Section Officers(Ministerial Category)in the pay Level-7(44900-142400)Select
7318/10/2021Nomination of PIOs and APIOs in GMC n Associated Hospitals Srinagar and fixing of responsibilities thereof for effective implementation of RTI ActSelect
7418/10/2021Seniority List of Tutors/Clinical Instructors of Govt Nursing College, srinagarSelect
7518/10/2021Transfer of Ministerial StaffSelect
7616/10/2021Engagement of House officers in various departmentsSelect
7713/10/2021Transfer of EEG TechnicianSelect
7809/10/2021Tentative seniority list of Sr.sister Tutor(s) and Sister Tutor(s) of Govt Amt School SrinagarSelect
7908/10/2021Revised Tentative seniority list jr. stenographersSelect
8008/10/2021Training course on "Sexual Harassment of women at work place"Select
8130/09/2021Transfer in transport categorySelect
8230/09/2021Transfer and Posting of various cadresSelect
8330/09/2021Disengagement of persons hired for COVID -19 Pandemic under ECRPSelect
8429/09/2021Engagement of Medical officers/ Causality Medical Officers /Resident Medical Officers in Govt Medical College Srinagar on AAB in terms of the JK Medical and Dental EducationSelect
8527/09/2021Engagement of candidates for the post of House officers in the various Departments of Government Medical College, Srinagar.Select
8627/09/2021Promotion /confirmation in nursing supervisor n theatre assistantsSelect
8723/09/2021Transfer of Supvervisory PharmacistSelect
8822/09/2021Furnishing of information for seeking Vigilance through "Online Electronic Vigilance Clearance Portal"Select
8921/09/2021Engagement of House officers in various departments of GMC and SSHSelect
9020/09/2021Constitution of Institutional Review BoardSelect
9120/09/2021Promotion-Confirmation of various cadresSelect
9217/09/2021Engagement of House Officers/House Surgeons in the Department of various departments of Government Medical College, Srinagar.Select
9316/09/2021Appointment of Enquiry Officer to conduct inquiry into the unauthorized absence period of Mrs.Nigeena Akhter Sr Grade Nurse SSH SrinagarSelect
9416/09/2021Promotion/confirmation as Section OfficerSelect
9516/09/2021Transfers n postings of subordinate staffSelect
9615/09/2021Ist extension of jr grade nurses engagement on AABSelect
9714/09/2021Placement Stop gap Arrangement in ministerial categorySelect
9814/09/2021Placement in telephone categorySelect
9913/09/2021Constitutional of Institutional Review BoardSelect
10010/09/2021Transfer and posting of ANM staffSelect
10108/09/2021Engagement of Miss Gazala Farooq as Sister Tutor Level on AABSelect
10206/09/2021Engagement of candidates for the post of Registrars (non- PSC) In the various Departments of Government Medical College, SrinagarSelect
10304/09/2021Selection of House officers/House Surgeons in different departments of GMCSelect
10404/09/2021Deployment of Drivers hired on need basisSelect
10504/09/2021Transfer and posting of Ministerial staffSelect
10601/09/2021Furnishing information regarding cadre wise strength of man powerSelect
10727/08/2021Engagement of candidates for the post of Registrars/Demonstrator in various Deptt of GMC ,SrinagarSelect
10825/08/2021Posting of Munisha Lalotra, PhysiotherapistSelect
10923/08/2021Participation in sports/recreational activities (faculty & PGs)Select
11023/08/2021Transfer and detachment of Ministerial StaffSelect
11121/08/2021Transfer and posting of Ministerial staffSelect
11218/08/2021Engagement of house officer in urologySelect
11318/08/2021Electronic vigilance clearance systemSelect
11417/08/2021Transfer and posting of Nursing and supportive supportSelect
11514/08/2021Transfer and postings of the Ministerial StaffSelect
11614/08/2021Stop gap arrangement in Lab CadreSelect
11712/08/2021Transfer and Deployment in Nursing CadreSelect
11810/08/2021Engagement of House Officers/House Surgeon in various departmentsSelect
11906/08/2021Transfers and Postings in MRUSelect
12005/08/2021Promotion /Confirmation of various cadresSelect
12104/08/2021Engagement of Pharmacist on contract basis for newly established 500 bedded temporary hospitalSelect
12204/08/2021Engagement of Pharmacist on contract basis for the newly established 500 bedded temporary covid hospital,sgr.Select
12303/08/2021Promotion /confirmation in nursing cadreSelect
12428/07/2021Selection List for the posts of House Officers in the deptt of AnesthesiologySelect
12527/07/20212nd phase MBBS clinical classes roster(batch 2019)Select
12626/07/2021Transfer and Deployment of the paramedical staffSelect
12726/07/2021Transfer and adjustments in pharmacy cadreSelect
12820/07/2021Transfers and adjustments in Anesthesia cadreSelect
12919/07/2021Assignment of the Additional charge and Adjustment of supportive staffSelect
13019/07/2021Constitution of Administrative Inspection Committees for the Subordinate offices of Health and Medical DepttSelect
13119/07/2021Transfer and adjustment in Theatre cadreSelect
13219/07/2021Promotion confirmation as senior pharmacistSelect
13319/07/2021Stop Gap Arrangement in Nursing CadreSelect
13419/07/2021Promotion confirmation in Laboratory CadreSelect
13516/07/2021Promotion /Confirmation in Laboratory CadreSelect
13612/07/2021Training Course on "Best Practices in Implementation of Right to Information Act"Select
13712/07/2021Corrigendum regarding summer vacationsSelect
13812/07/2021Selection of Registrar (Non PSC) in the Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical college, Srinagar.Select
13912/07/2021Transfers and adjustments in theatre cadreSelect
14009/07/2021Summer Vacations for the year 2021in GMC SrinagarSelect
14107/07/2021Transfers and temporary Deputation of staffSelect
14207/07/2021Corrigendum to placement in Lab category issued vide this office order No: 233AH of 2021 Dt: 11-06-2021Select
14307/07/2021Duty and posting roster of the Neuro-Physiology labs of the Associated Hospitals ,GMC SrinagarSelect
14407/07/2021Office circular regarding Child care allowanceSelect
14507/07/2021Engagement of House Officers in various departments of GMC , SrinagarSelect
14606/07/2021Constitution of re-view Committee for re-examination of the representation of Mrs Jehan ara with regard to challenging of Seniority positionSelect
14706/07/2021Order no 103-GS-of 2021 for engagement of X-ray TechnicianSelect
14806/07/2021Order No 102 GS of 2021 for engagement of Nursing SupervisorsSelect
14905/07/2021Transfers and adjustments in Laboratory CategorySelect
15005/07/2021Convoking of meeting regarding placement in store cadreSelect
15105/07/2021Transfers and postingsSelect
15203/07/2021Engagement Of candidates for the post of Registrars/Demonstrator (non-PSC) in the various Departments of Government Medical College, Srinagar.Select
15302/07/2021Placement in Ministerial CategorySelect
15402/07/2021Reconstitution of CASS Union SUB COMMITTEE FOR THE YEAR 2020-21Select
15501/07/2021Stop gap arrangement in Electric CategorySelect
15601/07/2021Relieving order of Mr. Irfan HussainSelect
15701/07/2021Transfer and postings of the Administrative StaffSelect
15801/07/2021Transfer and postings of the supportive StaffSelect
15901/07/2021Order for the Post of Laboratory AssistantSelect
16030/06/2021Engagement of candidates for the Post of Registrars Demonstrator (non -PSC)in the various Departments of GMC SrinagarSelect
16130/06/2021Secretariat Assistant Training Course (SATC) and Foundation Course in respect of Senior Assistants and Junior Assistants of heads of department/officesSelect
16230/06/2021Transfer and Deployment in Pharmacy CadreSelect
16329/06/2021Transfer in Driver CategorySelect
16429/06/2021Deployment of Medical OfficerSelect
16528/06/2021Transfer and adjustment of ministerial cadreSelect
16626/06/2021Promotion as supervisory pharmacistSelect
16726/06/2021Implementation of District Residency program (DRP)- Compulsory Residential Rotation of three months in District Hospitals as a part of the course curriculum.Select
16823/06/2021Relieving Order of Dr. Tariq QureshiSelect
16922/06/2021Promotion/Confirmation as Sr. Assistants/Asstt Store Keepers, Section officer/Store Officer, Lab Assistant, Head Asstt, Nursing Supervisor, Sr.Grade Nurse, Supervisory Pharmacist, Sr.Opthamalmic Asstt,Sr. Anae Tech,DG Tech,Sr.Thearte Asstt.Select
17021/06/2021Stop -gap arrangement of Endoscopy CadreSelect
17121/06/2021Corrigendum to Placement in Lab Category issued vide this office order No.236AH of 2021 Dated 11-06-21Select
17219/06/2021Transfer and Adjustment of the Medical OfficersSelect
17319/06/2021Postings of PG for Covid-19 DutySelect
17419/06/2021Engagement of Pediatricians Physicians Anesthetists and Medical Officers on contractual Basis for the newly established 500 bedded Temporary COVID Hospital Khonmoh SrinagarSelect
17519/06/2021Engagement of Medical Officers/ Casualty Medical Officers /Resident Medical Officers on Academic arrangement Basis In GMC SrinagarSelect
17617/06/2021Engagement order of pharmacistsSelect
17717/06/2021Engagement of Anesthesia TechniciansSelect
17814/06/2021Transfer and adjustments in Laboratory CategorySelect
17914/06/2021Swapping of duties of Junior Assistants Order No 244 AH of 2021Select
18012/06/2021Engagement of Medical Officers/Casualty Medical Officers/Resident Medical Officers on Academic Arrangement Basis under S.O 364 of 220 dated 27.11.2020Select
18112/06/2021Engagement of Dr Mir Najmu Saqib on Academic Arrangement basis under S.O 364 of 2020 dated 27.11.2020Select
18212/06/2021Stop Gap arrangement of Lab Cadre Order No 236 AH of 2021Select
18312/06/2021Stop Gap arrangement of Lab Cadre Order No 233 AH of 2021Select
18412/06/2021Circular regarding punctuality in offices of Associated Hospitals GMC SrinagarSelect
18511/06/2021Engagement of Medical Officers Casualty Medical Officers Research Medical Officers on Academic arrangement basis under SRO 364 of 2020Select
18609/06/2021Promotion /Confirmation in X Ray, Lab, Theatre Cadre and ReceptionistSelect
18708/06/2021Seeking of the option form Sr Assistants of GMC Srinagar and its associated Hospitals for their allocation/placement to the respective unitsSelect
18808/06/2021Engagement of Candidates as Staff Nurse (Selection List)Select
18908/06/2021Engagement of Candidates as Laboratory Technicians (Selection List)Select
19007/06/2021Engagement of Medical officers Casuality Medical OfficersResident Medical Officers on AABSelect
19107/06/2021Engagement of House Officers/House Surgeons in the Department of variouS departments of Government Medical College, Srinagar.Select
19207/06/2021Corrigendum to order no 177, 180,196 of 2021 regarding promotionSelect
19305/06/2021Engagement of Medical Officers/ Causality Medical Officers/Resident Medical Officers on AAB in GMC SrinagarSelect
19404/06/2021Stop gap arrangement of CSSD CadreSelect
19502/06/2021Engagement of House Officers /House Surgeons in the Department of Chest Medicine and Obsts and GynaeSelect
19631/05/2021Posting of PGs for COVID 19 dutySelect
19729/05/2021Establishment of 500 bedded temporary COVID Hospital at Srinagar by DRDO and deployment of doctors thereofSelect
19829/05/2021Promotion/Confirmation Orders of various cadresSelect
19928/05/2021Engagement of House Officers/ House Surgeons in the Department of Chest Medicine.Select
20018/05/2021Engagement of Registrar in the Department of Gastroenterology Super Specialty Hospital SrinagarSelect
20118/05/2021Engagement and Postings of House Officers House Surgeons in various DepartmentsSelect
20217/05/2021Engagement of Registrar in the department of Gastroenterology, Super Specialty Hospital, SrinagarSelect
20312/05/2021Postings of Newly Recruited Staff Nurses Under NMM Programme for ECRP for a period of three months.Select
20408/05/2021Engagement Order of Staff Nurses under NHM for ECRPSelect
20505/05/2021Engagement of Registrar in the Department of Surgery GMC Srinagar Order No.126-RA of 2021Select
20604/05/2021Engagement of House Officers/ House Surgeons in the Department of Chest MedicineSelect
20704/05/2021Engagement of House officers /House surgeons in the Chest Medicine Department 123 RA 0F 2021Select
20803/05/2021Orders regarding Promotion /Confirmation of different cadresSelect
20903/05/2021Promotion Confirmation in Theatre CadreSelect
21003/05/2021Engagement of House Officers in Chest MedicineSelect
21130/04/2021Engagment of House Officers in CDSelect
21229/04/2021Posting of PGs for COVID 19 dutySelect
21329/04/2021Engagement of House Officers -House Surgeons in department of Chest MedicineSelect
21428/04/2021Engagement of House officer in department of chest medicineSelect
21528/04/2021Stop Gap Arrangement in Driver/Transport CategorySelect
21628/04/2021Stop Gap Arrangement of Ophthalmic CadreSelect
21728/04/2021Stop Gap Arrangement in Telephone CategorySelect
21822/04/2021Engagement of House officers House Surgeons in the various DepartmentsSelect
21922/04/2021Engagement of House officers House surgeons in the Chest Medicine DepartmentSelect
22019/04/2021Suspension of UG Classes till 15/05/2021Select
22119/04/2021Attending the Clinical Posting as per the schedule on Odd / Even BasisSelect
22216/04/2021Augmentation of COVID 19 facilitySelect
22310/04/2021Engagement of candidates for the post of Registrar in the various departments of Govt Medical College SrinagarSelect
22410/04/2021Selection list for the post of House officers House Surgeons in the various departmentsSelect
22507/04/2021Engagement of Registrar in the department of Gastroenterology, SSH, SrinagarSelect
22607/04/2021Roll out of e-kuber payment system of Reserve Bank of India in Union Territory of J & KSelect
22702/04/2021Preparatory Holidays to all Paramedical and Nursing Trainees appearing for the ExaminationsSelect
22831/03/2021Posting of BSc Paramedical Students 2020-2021Select
22931/03/2021Updated Posting of BSc Paramedical Students 2020-2021Select
23030/03/2021NBE Inspection of Department of Anesthesiology on 31st MarchSelect
23127/03/2021Inspection in Anesthesiology and Critical care by Dr Abdul Qayoom LoneSelect
23227/03/2021HODs of GMC and SSH to implement S.O 364 dated 27.11.2020 for abandoning Registrarship and DemonstratorshipSelect
23325/03/2021Grant of Children Education Allowance (CEA) and Hostel Subsidy to the Employees of Union Territory of J&KSelect
23425/03/2021Corrigendum to order no 75 RA of 2021 dated 25-03-2021Select
23524/03/2021Engagement of candidates for the post of Registrars/Demonstrators order No: 75-RA of 2021Select
23624/03/2021Selection of Registrars/Demonstrators in various disciplines of GMC and SSH Srinagar Order No 74 RA of 2021Select
23723/03/2021Order no 313 regarding selection of Research Scientist II and ISelect
23820/03/2021Final seniority list of class iv employeesSelect
23913/03/2021Engagement of Jr. Radiotherapy Technician Level 4 on AABSelect
24013/03/2021Updated Tentative Seniority List of Class IV EmployeesSelect
24109/03/20213rd Posting of BSc Paramedical StudentsSelect
24206/03/2021Theory Classes and Clinical Postings of B.Sc Paramedical Students 2020-21Select
24303/03/2021Engagement of ANMs Level 2 on AAB under SRO 24 of 2019 in GMC , Srinagar for period of 1 yearSelect
24403/03/2021Engagement of ANMs under NHM in LD hospital and GB Pant HospitalSelect
24502/03/20212nd Phase MBBS clinical competancy class roster (batch 2019)Select
24601/03/2021Promotion of Ist MBBS Students (Batch 2019) to 2nd PhaseSelect
24725/02/2021Updated Tentative Seniority List of Class IV EmployeesSelect
24820/02/2021Engagement of Candidates for the post of Registrar Demonstrator in the various Departments of GMC SrinagarSelect
24918/02/2021Integration of UT, J&K Government Treasuries with e-Kuber Payment SystemSelect
25015/02/2021Updation of official Government WebsitesSelect
25110/02/2021Constitution of Committee for verification of Information Technology (I.T) related items procured for GMC and its Associated Hospitals, SrinagarSelect
25210/02/2021Promotion /Regularization of Faculty Members of GMC , SrinagarSelect
25309/02/2021Winter Vacation of Faculty on AAB of GMC and its Super Specialty HospitalSelect
25406/02/2021Circular regarding COVID Vaccination ProgrammeSelect
25503/02/2021Order regarding engagement of the candidates as Jr Grade Nurses on Contract Basis under NHM Scheme ASelect
25603/02/2021Order regarding engagement of the candidates as Jr Grade Nurses on Contract Basis under NHM Scheme BSelect
25730/01/2021Selection of eligible candidates as Registrars and Demonstrators in GMC Srinagar-Constitution of Selection committee thereofSelect
25827/01/2021Submission of information in respect of NPS EmployeesSelect
25923/01/2021Selection of Registrars in the Department of Orthopedics GMC SrinagarSelect
26022/01/2021Procurement of Information Technology (I.T) related Items for Govt. Medical College and its Associated Hospitals , Srinagar.Select
26122/01/2021Celebration of Republic day (26 January 2021)Select
26216/01/2021Selection of Registrars and Demonstrators in various disciplines of GMC and Super Specialty SrinagarSelect
26313/01/2021Circular regarding Conduct of type test of all Class IV EmployeesSelect
26412/01/2021Order 247 of 2021 Dated 11-01-2021 regarding hiring of Jr Grade Nurses for LD and GB Pant HospitalSelect
26512/01/2021Order 248 of 2021 Dated 11-01-2021 regarding hiring of Jr Grade Nurses for SMHS Hospital and CD HospitalSelect
26609/01/2021Winter Vacation in GMC Srinagar and its super Specialty Hospitals for the year 2021Select
26707/01/2021Transfer/Posting of Employees of GMC srinagarSelect
26801/01/2021Operating of Waiting List for engagement of Anesthesia Assistant under NHMSelect
26901/01/2021Reconstitution of CASS Union Sub committees for the year 2021-21Select
27031/12/2020Posting of BSc Paramedical Students 2020Select
27128/12/2020Placement(s) in Ministerial Category Order No. 788 of 2020Select
27228/12/2020Placement(s) in Ministerial Category Order No. 787 of 2020Select
27324/12/2020Corrigendum to notification regarding conduct of type testSelect
27422/12/2020Circular regarding conduct of Type test of all Class IV EmployeesSelect
27517/12/2020Operating of waiting List for engagement of Anesthesia Tech under NHMSelect
27616/12/2020Service biodata of Class IV employeesSelect
27712/12/2020Constitution of Institutional Ethical CommitteeSelect
27812/12/2020Income Tax Deduction from Salaries during the Financial year 2020-2021 under section 192of the Income Tax Act, 1961Select
27905/12/2020Placement(s) in Ministerial CategorySelect
28002/12/2020Promotion of 2nd year MBBS students to the 6th & 7th SemesterSelect
28101/12/2020Order regarding engagement of the candidates against the post of Anesthesia Technician on contract basis under NHMSelect
28201/12/2020Renewal of Group Personal Accidental Insurance Policy for employees of JandK GovernmentSelect
28325/11/2020Attendance Report of internsSelect
28423/11/2020Recording of wrong Bank AC Nos along with bank branches of employees in the JKPaySysSelect
28516/11/2020Face Recognition Biometric Attendance systemSelect
28606/10/2020Compassionate appointment of Mr Areeb Gulzar Ahmad Hakim and Hafiza (Ex Senior Grade Nurse) R/o Housing Colony Bemina SGR inters of SRO-43 of 1994Select
28703/10/2020Engagement of Dr. Arslan UL Nisa as Registrar in OphthalmologySelect
28823/09/2020Selection of Registrars in the department of Psychiatry GMC Srinagar.Select
28922/09/2020Engagement of Lecturer /Medical Officer cum Lecturer(UTHC)/RTHC/Medical Physicists on AAB in various disciplines of GMC Srinagar and its SSHSelect
29019/09/2020Engagement of Ms Zainab as Jr Grade Nurse under physically challenged category level-4(25500-81100)Select
29119/09/2020Selection of Registrar's and demonstrator's in various disciplines at GMC,SrinagarSelect
29219/09/2020Selection of Registrars/Demonstrators in various disciplines of GMC and SSH SrinagarSelect
29319/09/2020Frontiers in Medical and Health Science Education " Medical Education Disrupted-Negativity or Creativity" will held on 27th Nov 2020 (Virtual Conference)Select
29411/09/2020No endorsement or recommendation of Demonstrators/registrars by HODs /Medical SuperintendentsSelect
29510/09/2020Reconciliation of GP Fund with the Fund Office Srinagar in respect of Superior/Inferior category of Employees of GMC SgrSelect
29608/09/2020Uploading of personal information of Ist year PG students in th JKPaySys ApplicationSelect
29705/09/2020Engagement of jr Grade Nurses Level -4(25500-81100) revised on Academic Arrangement Order No 121 of 2020Select
29804/09/2020Compassionate appointment of Mr Javid Ahmad sheikh s/0 Gh Mohammad sheikh M/o late Zoona (Ex sweeper gmc sgr)R/o Rawalpora sgr in terms of SRO-43 of 1994Select
29902/09/2020Stop-gap arrangement of in Nursing Category,Ministrial Category,Library Category and Receptionist CategorySelect
30029/08/2020Stop Gap arrangement of Theater , Lab and Mechanical cadresSelect
30127/08/2020GMC Ethical Committee CDSCO registration and permission from PMC before using Hospital dataSelect
30225/08/2020Inauguration of NAT lab at SMHS on 28th AugustSelect
30325/08/2020Posting Order of Anesthesia AssistantSelect
30425/08/2020Engagement of jr Grade Nurses Level -4(25500-81100) revised on Academic ArrangementSelect
30525/08/2020Inauguration of NAT lab in Blood Bank SMHS Hospital Srinagar and NAT testing of blood samples thereofSelect
30624/08/2020Updated Tentative Seniority List of Jr. Stenographers of GMC and it associated hospitals, SrinagarSelect
30714/08/2020engagement of anesthesia Assistant Level-4 followed by corrigendum issued under no: NGS/MC/20/246-49 dated 8.6.2020Select
30811/08/2020Updated Tentative Seniority List of Community Health Officer/Health Educator/ Health Inspectors/ Basic Health Workers/Male Multi Purpose Health Worker/ FMPHWSelect
30911/08/2020Relieving Order of Interns from Deptt. Of MedicineSelect
31009/08/2020Inadmissible payment of Rs 69.61 Lakh on account of 2 1/2 daysSelect
31129/07/2020Order no 38 regarding Admission/Joining of of MD/MS/PGD and MDS Courses session 2020 and posting of students to respective departments thereofSelect
31227/07/2020Admission/Joining of of MD/MS/PGD and MDS Courses session 2020 and posting of students to respective departments thereofSelect
31325/07/2020Circular regarding divulging official information related to the COVID 19 pandemic on the social MediaSelect
31425/07/2020Admission to MD MS PG Programme session 2020 and posting of students to their respective departments(order no 34)Select
31523/07/2020Admission to MD MS PG Programme and Posting of students to their respective departmentsSelect
31623/07/2020Final Seniority List of Senior Receptionists in the Pay level E, Junior Receptionists Level 4 and Receptionists Level 2 of GMC and its associated HospitalsSelect
31717/07/2020Convalscent Plasma Therapy (CPT) as an offlabel treatment modality for patients with severe or Life threatening COVID 19 or those at High RiskSelect
31816/07/2020Engagement of Outgoing BSc Nursing Batch 2014 students in Associated Hospitals of GMC Srinagar on Temporary basis in view of COVID 19Select
31915/07/2020Online submission of bills in treasuries for processing by Drawing & Disbursing Officers through IT enabled "JKPaySys" application- furnishing of monthly attendance of all employee(s) thereofSelect
32013/07/2020Selection of Registrars and Demonstrators in various disciplines of GMC and SSH, SrinagarSelect
32109/07/2020Augmentation of COVID 19 facilitySelect
32207/07/2020Protocol for Convalescent Plasma Therapy CPT as an offlabel treatment Modality for patientsSelect
32306/07/2020Order regarding Bronchoscopy proceduresSelect
32429/06/2020Engagement of Dr Waleed Tariq Karra as registrar in the Department of DermatologySelect
32526/06/2020Selection of Registrars in the Department of Orthopedics of GMC SrinagarSelect
32624/06/2020Reconstitution of Medical Education UnitSelect
32722/06/2020Transfer and posting of Mr Umer Suhail Ashraf (class-IV)Select
32820/06/2020Compassionate Appointment of Mr. Manik Angurana S/o Late Jagbir Kumar, Ex. X-Ray TechnicianSelect
32916/06/2020Re-instate of Class IV employees Order No 240 AH of 2020 Dated 15th june 2020Select
33015/06/2020Abeyance order of Dr Peerzada Adnan AltafSelect
33115/06/2020Reconstitution of Medical Education unit GMC,SrinagarSelect
33213/06/2020Stop gap arrangement of pharmacist cadreSelect
33313/06/2020Admission to MD/MS/PG Diploma courses for session 2020 and posting thereofSelect
33410/06/2020Transfer and Posting of Laboratory attendents order No 227 of 2020 Dated 10 june 2020Select
33509/06/2020Guidelines/Policy related to study leave and submission of application thereofSelect
33608/06/2020Corrigendum to advertisement Notice no 3 NGS of 2020 dated 02.06.2020Select
33708/06/2020Online submission of bills in treasuyries for processing by Drawing and Disbursing Officers through IT enabled JKPaySys app -furnishing of PAN No n Bank Account DetailsSelect
33805/06/2020Corrigendum 2 to order No 220 AH of 2020Select
33904/06/2020Online submission of bills in treasuries for processing by Drawing and Disbursing Officers through IT enabled JKPaySys app -furnishing of monthly attendance of all employees thereofSelect
34004/06/2020Corrigendum to order No 220 AH of 2020Select
34104/06/2020Tentative Seniority List of Senior ReceptionistsSelect
34203/06/2020Repatriation of Laboratory staff from CD hospital, SrinagarSelect
34303/06/2020Deployment of Laboratory staff from CD hospital, SrinagarSelect
34402/06/2020Selection of Demonstrator in Department of pathology,GMC SrinagarSelect
34502/06/2020Deployment of Officials to CD hospitalSelect
34628/05/2020Furnishing of vacancy positions of Ministerial Staff and filling up thereofSelect
34728/05/2020Furnishing of vacancy position of all categoriesSelect
34828/05/2020Termination of engagement of Dr. Tawhida Fazili as Research Scientist I on contract basis Department of MicrobiologySelect
34928/05/2020Drawl of Salary through IT enabled JKPaySys app for the month of April and acknowledgement thereofSelect
35020/05/2020Govt order regarding re engagement of staff on contract basisSelect
35113/05/2020Admission to MD/MS/PG diploma courses session 2020 and posting of students to respective departments thereofSelect
35212/05/2020Selection of Registrars in the Department of Anesthesiology GMC SrinagarSelect
35312/05/2020Rapid preparedness assessment of dedicated COVID health centres in UT of JKSelect
35429/04/2020Engagement of House Officers in various departments of GMCSelect
35525/04/2020Deputation of Mr. Rakesh Kumar Attri, Pharmacist to JKMSCL and non - complience of the order thereof.Select
35624/04/2020Tentative list of class IV employees along with sweepers for deputation to AMT school for premedical trainingSelect
35721/04/2020Online submission of bills in Treasuries for processing by Drawing and Disbursing officers through IT enabled JKPaySys AppSelect
35818/04/2020Selection of Demonstrator in the department of Pathology of GMCSelect
35918/04/2020Online submission of bills in Treasuries for processing by Drawing and Disbursing officers through IT enabled JKPaySys ApplicationSelect
36016/04/2020Charge of in charge HOD medicineSelect
36116/04/2020Advisory under COVID 19Select
36215/04/2020Helpline numbers for general public: Following consultants from the specialities mentioned against each shall remain available on phone to extend their services for general public on the specified dates. The callers are required to remain specificSelect
36308/04/2020Retention of final year PGs in GMC SrinagarSelect
36407/04/2020Contractual appointment of Faculty and Paramedical staff in GMC and doctors in health servicesSelect
36507/04/2020Placement in Medical Record CadreSelect
36604/04/2020Selection of Registrar's in OrthopedicsSelect
36704/04/2020Selection of Registrar's in microbiologySelect
36801/04/2020Submission of monthly attendance of interns of GMC SrinagarSelect
36928/03/2020Posting Order of Miss Humaira Ali in terms of SRO 43 of 1994Select
37027/03/2020Operationalization of Administrative DepartmentsSelect
37126/03/2020Engagement of Laboratory Technician under Multi Disciplinary Research Unit GMC SrinagarSelect
37225/03/2020Engagement of Registrar's /Demonstrators in various disciplines of GMCSelect
37325/03/2020Selection of Dr Ajaz Ahmad as Registrar in Department of OrthopaedicsSelect
37423/03/2020Advisories for hospitals and medical education Institutes Issued by MOHFWSelect
37518/03/2020Engagement of Dr Yasmeena Amin as registrar in Medicine DepttSelect
37618/03/2020Engagement of Dr Inayat EllahiSelect
37718/03/2020Guidelines/ Policy related to study leaveSelect
37818/03/2020Placement of Mrs Popinder Kour as IC Assistant MatronSelect
37918/03/2020Placement in Nursing CategorySelect
38018/03/2020Disengagement of Paramedical students of Private institutions with immediate effectSelect
38118/03/2020Cancellation of all kinds of leaves in view of nCorona Virus PandemicSelect
38218/03/2020Grant of children education allowance (CEA) and Hostel subsidy to the employees of union territory of J& KSelect
38318/03/2020Engagement of House Officers in the Department of Chest Medicine , GMC , SgrSelect
38418/03/2020Guidelines Policy related to study leave and constitution of eligibility verification committee thereofSelect
38513/03/2020Tentative seniority list of jr grade nursesSelect
38602/03/2020Tentative Seniority List of Endoscopy Technicians of Govt Medical College and associated Hospitals SrinagarSelect
38719/02/2020Tentative seniority list of sweepersSelect