113/10/2021Promotion of 2nd year students to the 6th and 7th semesterSelect
212/10/2021Send up Examination of Final year MBBS Students (Prefinal ) in the subject of SPMSelect
306/10/2021Declaration of result in respect of GNM , LHV, ISM pharmacists of all Govt and Private Paramedical Institutions of Kashmir DivisionSelect
430/09/2021Time table of theory classes for 2nd year MBBS wef 6-10-2021Select
530/09/2021Time table of Practical classes for 2nd year MBBS wef 6-10-2021Select
628/09/2021Board of Postgraduate Studies (BOPGS) Meeting -----Schedule for Day 1st, 29th September, 2021: Anesthesia, Anatomy, Dermatology, ENT, Medicine, Microbiology, Obst & Gynae and Orthopedics.Select
824/09/2021Suspension of MBBS classes on ist and 2nd oct 2021Select
921/09/20212nd MBBS regular batch practical and viva-voce exam in PharmacologySelect
1017/09/2021Promotional RR fee for MBBS studentsSelect
1117/09/2021Submission of thesis by the Post graduate Scholars Who have failed to submit their thesisSelect
1211/09/2021Teaching schedule of MBBS Batch 2019 for phase 2 in SPMSelect
1311/09/2021Send -Up examination of FInal MBBS Part -1(Pre-Final)Select
1411/09/2021Exam schedule for MBBS II in the subject of pathologySelect
1511/09/2021University Practical Examination of Pathology of MBBS studentsSelect
1607/09/2021Revised University practical examination in subject of MicrobiologySelect
1707/09/2021Practical Examination of 2nd year MBBS Annual Examination session August -sep 2021Select
1828/08/2021Practical Exam of MBBS students in the subject of MicrobiologySelect
1928/08/2021Roster of Community medicine for MBBS Batch 2020Select
2024/08/2021Declaration of result in respect of MM FMPHW and other paramedical coursesSelect
2120/08/2021Sports Event in GMC, Srinagar and registration for the event thereofSelect
2217/08/2021Notice for terminal exam in the subject of microbiology for Phase II studentsSelect
2312/08/2021Rollnos alloted to BSC paramedical studentsSelect
2412/08/2021Promotional Registration return fee MBBS studentsSelect
2506/08/2021Quiz in the subject of MicrobiologySelect
2605/08/2021Declaration of result in respect of MM/FMPHW 2nd year , Gen Nursing and Midwifery 3rd year old course, GNM 3rd year Lateral Entry and Gen Nursing 4th year of all CollegesSelect
2716/07/2021Reopening of medical collegesSelect
2814/07/2021University practical examination in subject of Microbiology for 2018 MD batchSelect
2913/07/2021Time table of Medical Assistant 2nd year wef 15.7.2021 in the department of PharmacologySelect
3007/07/2021Revised Centre notification for theory examination of Nursing traineesSelect
3105/07/2021Teaching Schedule of MBBS 2019 for phase IISelect
3203/07/2021Centre notification for theory examination of Nursing traineesSelect
3301/07/2021Third terminal theory exam of community medicine to be held on 26th July at 2:00 pmSelect
3430/06/2021Selection List of candidates for undergoing MPhil Clinical Psychology in department of Psychiatry, GMC , SrinagarSelect
3529/06/2021MD/MS Annual Examination Session:- July, 2021.Select
3626/06/2021Provisional admission of candidates to MPhil in Clinical PsychologySelect
3712/06/2021Conduct of Practical Examination for the Examination session April- May 2021 AMT SchoolSelect
3808/06/2021Information to all the Interns/ Medical Graduates of GMC to join Online trainings of ICMRSelect
3931/05/2021Submission of Synopsis -Registration of PG Students (2020) batch thereofSelect
4024/05/2021Conduct of Practical Examination for the Examination Session April May,2020Select
4115/05/2021Conducting of Practical Examination for the session April-May 2021(X-Ray Trainees).Select
4206/05/2021Conducting of Practical exam for the session April_May 2021(Lab Trainees)Select
4305/05/2021Ist Phase CBME Time Table MBBS for the year 2020-21 (batch 2020)Select
4403/05/2021Conduct of Practical Examination for the Examination session April-May 2021Select
4503/05/2021COVID 19 Duty Mandatory for PGsSelect
4603/05/2021Suspension of Send up examination of 2nd yearSelect
4724/04/2021Postponement of paramedical and nursing theory exams of GNMSelect
4823/04/2021Suspension of Clinical Postings to all Paramedic TraineesSelect
4922/04/2021Revised Teaching Schedule for MBBS Batch 2019 for Phase II Community MedicineSelect
5020/04/2021MBBS 2nd Phase Time Table (CBME) Batch 2019Select
5119/04/2021Online Classes for Nursing And paramedical TraineesSelect
5215/04/2021Change of Examination Center from Tahira Khanams to Green Land paramedical Institute HawalSelect
5312/04/2021Result M. Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance 2020Select
5408/04/2021Theory classes of paramedical and nursing trainees session 2019-20Select
5503/04/2021Ethical committee Meeting on Monday and TuesdaySelect
5630/03/20212nd phase MBBS theory class roster (Batch 2019)Select
5730/03/2021Question Paper pattern for forthcoming examination of Paramedical and Nursing studentsSelect
5830/03/2021Center notification for paramedical examinationsSelect
5929/03/20212nd phase MBBS clinical class roster (Batch 2019)Select
6023/03/2021MBBS TEACHING ROSTER (BATCH 2017) Deptt of MedicineSelect
6117/03/2021University Practical Examination of Devish RaiSelect
6216/03/2021Explanation Notice to MBBS student Batch 2020Select
6315/03/2021Explanation to 2nd Phase MBBS STUDENTS batch 2019Select
6413/03/2021Time table of AT and OT 2nd year wef 8.3.2021 in the Department of PharmacologySelect
6513/03/2021Time table of Medical Assistant 2nd year wef 8.3.2021 in the Department of PharmacologySelect
6610/03/2021BSC NURSING ROSTER 2021 for MicrobiologySelect
6709/03/2021BSc MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY ROSTER 2021 for General and Immunology MicrobiologySelect
6802/03/2021Teaching Plan for Community Medicine during Clinical posting (60 hours),Phase IISelect
6901/03/20214 weeks 2nd phase MBBS Time table CBME (Batch 2019)Select
7001/03/20212nd Phase MBBS Theory and Clinical classes (Deptt of Medicine)Select
7125/02/2021Terminal Examination of 2nd year MBBS 5th sem in the subject of PathologySelect
7225/02/2021Terminal exam of 2nd year MBBS students in Microbiology held on 25th March at 11AmSelect
7325/02/2021Commencement of classes for General Nursing and Paramedical Trainees Session 2019-20 and 2020-21Select
7425/02/2021Terminal Examination of 2nd year MBBS 5th sem in the subject of PharmacologySelect
7524/02/2021Resumption of Classes of BSc Nursing Students of Nursing College Shreen Bagh SrinagarSelect
7623/02/2021Send up Theory examination of BDS Students in the subject of MicrobiologySelect
7719/02/20212nd Posting of BSc Paramedical Students 2020Select
7806/02/2021Time table for 2nd BDS session 2020-21Select
7906/02/2021Teaching Roster Batch 2017 (Medicine)Select
8030/01/2021Time table of online classes of Medical Assistant 2nd year wef 1-2-21Select
8130/01/2021Time table of online classes of AT and OT 2nd year w.e.f 1-2-21Select
8229/01/2021Self declaration by students for NSPSelect
8327/01/2021Schedule of examinations to be conducted by NBE during the first half of 2021-regardingSelect
8422/01/2021Offline classes of MBBS First Batch 2020Select
8513/01/2021Conduct of theory classes of Final Year MBBS Batch 2016Select
8608/01/2021Submission of Synopsis -Registration of PG Students (2020) batch thereofSelect
8702/01/2021Online Classes of MBBS Students(Fresh Batch 2020)Select
8801/01/2021Submission of Synopsis -Registration of PG Students (2020) batch thereofSelect
8916/12/2020MBBS TEACHING ROSTER (Deptt. Of Medicine)Select
9023/11/2020Practical Examination of Final Year MBBS Part II (Batch 2015)Select
9120/11/2020Notice to GNM And Paramedical Course studentsSelect
9202/11/2020Notice regarding practical examination in Microbiology and Batching of students thereofSelect
9331/10/2020University Practical Examination in Microbiology on 9th 10th and 11 th NovSelect
9427/10/2020Practical and Viva Voce Examination of 2nd MBBS Pharmacology regular batch 2017Select
9522/10/2020Result Declaration of Para Medical and Nursing Trainees, session oct-nov 2019Select
9622/09/2020Access Thieme E- JournalsSelect
9719/09/2020Time Table of online classes of 4th Semester MBBS (Regular Batch)Select
9816/09/2020Notice to MBBS 3rd Semester regarding online classesSelect
9915/09/2020Practical examination of Final year MBBS (Bi-Annual 2020) in Deptt of Medicine on 18-09-2020Select
10010/09/2020Practical Examination of Final Year MBBS Supplementary Batch in department of PediatricsSelect
10131/08/2020University Practical Examination of Anatomy for Ist MBBS Supplementary BatchSelect
10218/07/2020Notice to PG Students for resuming their dutiesSelect
10320/06/2020Notice regarding Practical and Viva voce examination for MD in the subject of Pharmacology.Select
10403/06/2020Consent of PGs for KU ExamSelect
10527/05/20202nd Terminal examination for the students of 2nd MBBSSelect
10618/03/2020Suspension of Class work in view of COVID 19Select
10718/03/2020Send up Theory n Practical Examination of 2nd MBBS students in pathologySelect
10818/03/2020Send up examination of 2nd MBBS in PharmacologySelect